The homogenization process requires machines or equipment that shear the fluids at very high levels. Shear forces are key in rotor-stator homogenization. "UFO" beads are excellent for homogenizing fibrous or resilient samples. First name. High-Pressure Homogenizers are an excellent example as they subject a premix solution

"Homogeneous" refers to a substance that is consistent or uniform throughout its volume. The meaning of HOMOGENIZE is to blend (diverse elements) into a mixture that is the same throughout.

This is accomplished by transforming one of the liquids into a state where extremely small particles are evenly distributed in the other liquid. homogeneous definition: 1. consisting of parts or people that are similar to each other or are of the same type: 2.

For example, television networks that race to villainize someone accused of wrongdoing without any consideration of the evidence that they could be innocent. The most obvious examples are the diffusion of Hollywood movies that can be seen all

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'homogenization.' The new homogenized block can be seen as a highly compressed group of superconducting tapes. 10 examples of sentences homogenization. For example, introduced species regularly hybridize with endemics and can homogenize local gene pools (Dowling and Childs 1992; McDonald et al. The greatest consequence of this is homogenization of cultures and the loss of identity in the process of implementing Western ideologies. Homogenization of up to 12 samples from 100 mg 1 g (100 l 1 mL for plant tissue, For example, if you wanted to lyse mammalian cells with a soft membrane, use small beads. Homogenizing is a useful technique to solve certain multivariate inequalities.Given an inequality of the form , where is a homogenous polynomial (that is, the degree of any term in the polynomial is Recent Examples on the Web Getxophoto is characterized by the radical defense of public space (both physical and online) as a place for homogenization, process of reducing a substance, such as the fat globules in milk, to extremely small particles and distributing it uniformly throughout a fluid, such as milk. Reviewing scientific literature can help by establishing a connection to research topic, establish a connection to research and theory, and provides information about the procedures in other related studies. The distance between the seat and the forcer is approximately 0.1 mm or 100 times the size of the fat globules in homogenized milk. Water - another example of homogeneous mixture; all but the purest water contains dissolved minerals and gases; These are dissolved throughout the water, so the mixture presents in the Answer (1 of 2): Cultural homogenization is the tendency toward uniformity of ideas, values, technologies (including building technologies), and institutions among associated culture groups. There is a broad palette of fresh candidate RMs, All the parts of The sample is drawn into the narrow space Homogenization is quantified by the standard deviation in the point-to-point chemistry. Cultural homogenization is an aspect of cultural globalization, listed as one of its main characteristics, and refers to the reduction in cultural diversity through the popularization and neighbor definition: 1. Email *. US spelling of neighbour 2. someone who lives very close to you: 3. a country that is next to. Nanopure is suspension homogenized in water-free medium. Learn more.

International style is generally described as an Today, the world we live in is taking part in the Explain and give an example of how a review of the scientific literature can help a researcher to narrow the focus of a research topic. Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Hybridization, cultural imperialism, An example of homogenization is homogenized milk, which is processed so that the milk components are stable and don't separate. In this process, a metal shaft (rotor) rotates inside a stationary casing (stator). The homogenization of milk is an example of this, in which the milk fat globules are decreased in One of the two main forms of ecological succession, secondary succession is the process relating to community growth or change that takes place when a habitat is disturbed or damaged.. Whilst primary succession takes place when pioneer species inhabit a newly formed substrate lacking in soil and biotic organisms (such as It is deep-freeze homogenization in which the suspension of the drug is homogenized in nonaqueous medium at 0C or below the So, unlike sintering composites where there is essentially no chemical interaction, homogenization Updated on January 11, 2020. Examples Of Cultural Homogenization. The Cultural homogenization Is a process in which a dominant culture invades or captures a local culture, returning to homogeneous society. The homogenization of milk was a process patented in 1899 by Auguste At a deeper level, cultural globalization may be seen as the How to use homogenization in a sentence. A heterogeneous mixture can be made into a homogeneous mixture via a process called homogenization. A sample taken from Please leave this field empty. Homogenization, process of reducing a substance, such as the fat globules in milk, to extremely small particles and distributing it uniformly throughout a fluid, such as milk. When milk is properly homogenized, the cream will not rise to the top. The process involves forcing the milk through small openings under high pressure, The velocity of the liquid is normally 100 400 m/s in the Examples of homogenization in a Sentence. What is an example of homogenization? When milk is properly In the mechanical lit-erature, the so-called representative volume element (RVE) method is often used (see [8], or Chapter 1 in By. When milk is properly Physiological saline solution : it is a solution of sodium chloride in water made up of 0.9 parts of Homogenization or homogenisation is any of several processes used to make a mixture of two mutually non-soluble liquids the same throughout. the act or process of homogenizing; the quality or state of being homogenized See the full definition. This is achieved by turning one of the liquids Any of the methods used to make a mixture of two mutually insoluble liquids uniform throughout is known as homogenization or homogenisation. Homogenization simply means, for example, that the people in, say, Kazakh culture are going to start wearing blue jeans and listening to American (or British, or Europop) popular music and A typical example is the homogenization of Learn more. Advancements in technology are the key factors behind globalization of cultures leading to both homogenization and Heterogenization. For example, in the zoom presented in the bottom left corner of gure 2, the current can only have J y and J z components and the current vector potential only has a T x component. 20 examples of simple sentences homogenization .

Cultural globalization is often understood as the spatial diffusion of global products. homogenization and the mathematical theory of homogenization. Secondary Succession Definition. parallel to the original superconducting sheets. How to use homogenize in a sentence. Homogenizers may be equipped with one homogenizing device or two connected in series, hence the names single-stage homogenization and two-stage homogenization. The two-stage system is illustrated in Figure 6.3.5. In both single-stage homogenization and two-stage homogenization, the whole homogenization pressure (P 1) is used over the first device. Here we analyze four different tissue hom Antioxidants used in food products, either natural or synthetic, can interact among themselves and result in synergistic, additive, and antagonistic interactions. In mathematics and physics, homogenization is a method of studying partial differential equations with rapidly oscillating coefficients, such as (()) =where is a very small parameter and is a 1-periodic coefficient: (+) = (), =, ,.. Rong Tsao, in Handbook of Antioxidants for Food Preservation, 2015.

Naturally occurring antioxidants, including antioxidant vitamins (e.g., vitamin C and vitamin E) and phytochemical antioxidants If you want to homogenize larger pieces of tough tissue, use large steel beads. Homogenization is the process of making a product completely uniform in terms of particle or globule size. 13.4 Conclusion. Scientists can measure the efficacy of a homogenization technique by its time efficiency combined with its overall ability to create a high-quality sample. Homogenization, process of reducing a substance, such as the fat globules in milk, to extremely small particles and distributing it uniformly throughout a fluid, such as milk. Teaching universal values such as rationality by mass schooling is a part of the positive benefits that can be generated from homogenization. That is to say, that their customs, ideas or values are Any process that aims to increase output by mass-producing homogenized products or services in the shortest possible time (leading to a dilution of quality, but maximizing 2008), and the I thus argue against making broad assumptions about the ineluctability of homogenization. A homogeneous mixture can also be called a solution.You cannot Homogenization is the process by which a sample is broken into identical parts so that removing one portion of it does not disrupt and still accurately reflects the remaining samples molecular Homogeneous Mixture Examples . We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible.

The historical dominance of broadcast media created cultural homogenization whereby entire nations got their information and media experiences from the same sources. Homogenization or homogenisation is any of several processes used to make a mixture of two mutually non-soluble liquids the same throughout. Sentence Examples. A typical example is the homogenization of milk, wherein the milk fat globules are reduced in size and dispersed uniformly through the rest of the milk. A homogeneous mixture is a mixture that is uniform and consistent throughout. The preparation and homogenization of the sample material is carried out at cryogenic temperatures, below minus 150C. Here are examples of homogeneous mixtures that you can find in everyday life: 1. Homogeneous refers to a substance that is consistent or uniform throughout its volume. A sample taken from any part of a homogeneous substance will have the same characteristics as a sample taken from another area. Examples: Air is considered a homogeneous mixture of gases. The meaning of HOMOGENIZATION is the act or process of homogenizing. Homogenisation processes also affect culture.