From then on, you can access the event from 4th of July event button on the map or via the 4th of July Garage gate, which will open inside your regular garage.

Keep in mind that you can check this info directly from the mission screen, as well as by clicking on any element on your merge board. How to Get the Wrench in Merge Mansion There are a few different ways to obtain Tools, aka Wrench in Merge Mansion.

As the energy is the currency term so you can get energy from toolboxes and flowers pots for free. In Merge Mansion, you can make Yarn at level 6 from Balls of Silk that drop from LVL 6 Moths .

The Basket drops the first level of Hopeberry Jam the Syrup. In other words, knowing how to get the Spring Bouquet is going to be absolutely necessary if you want to clear the board. Prioritize Cleaning Your Board After Small Bush, you can create a Level 1 Bush and then a Level 2 Bush. in: Event, Winter Holiday Event Grandma's Oven View source Grandma's Oven Empty Oven Finished Oven This is a Winter Holiday Event Item. The Winter Holiday Event is a Seasonal Event, which was open between the 17.12.2021 and 31.12.2021. Garden Statue in Merge Mansion. The Locket is one of the many drop items in Merge Mansion that players can obtain by merging and tapping on certain items found in the Garage.

On the same note, Blue/Brown Chests should be merged to Level two, Experience Points to level five, and Bronze Coins to level six for maximum rewards. Playing as Maddie, the aim of the game is to match and merge items in the Garage to produce other items that can be used to clear the driveway and gardens. This Spring Spray (it looks like a spray bottle) can then randomly drop one of several other items. How can I find out the merge chain of a particular item? Afterward, all you need to do is merge the base items until you get to the required level. Prerequisites: This event is only open between the 17.12.2021 and the 31.12.2021. Players seeking these tiles will first need to find vases, a level one material introduced mid-game.

If you are finding it hard to obtain Moths in Merge Mansion, you can check out this guide.

Then, finish the first task to unlock the event board.

Merge Mansion is one of the most popular item-merging puzzle games on the market. A bright-yellow Mercedes Benz two-seater comes careening round the corner, nearly knocking me off my feet. How to get to it: Once you unlock the event, it will be available The first is to tap and break the Level 8 of the Bottle, aka the Ship in the Bottle. From them, you can get Seedling. In fact, different levels of the Spring Bouquet to complete specific event tasks. Simply follow the recipe and you will soon have created more than enough burgers.

From 2 Small Bushes, you can get a Level 1 Bush and then a Level 2 Bush. They can merge to Level 2 and result in higher level drops.

You can make Moths by merging LVL 6 Lamps. That said, since its a very rare drop, it might be a good idea to invest some coins in them. Also, you can obtain them as a reward for Tasks. When you have an item on the Merge Board, you can tap on the blue [i]-button in the upper right corner of Once any Cookies Houses is upgraded to level 5, players earn the ability to combine two Cookie Houses of the same level to form a Cookie Mansion. The second way to get Detergent is to use Boxes. Level 2 Bush has a 92% chance to drop Planted Flower Seed. 1 Energy will recuperate like clockwork, this implies it requires 3 hours and 20 minutes to totally fill the Energy Bar once more. These can be gained from the shop. To get access to this event, you need to complete the Fix Missing Item task.

In this Event you can gain Winter Holiday Decorations for your Mansion.

The last way to get Detergent is to buy it from the Shop. You can get 14 items from the level 1 piggy banks, before merging them.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. No, what you need to do instead is to follow the instructions in the upper right corner of the screen.

You then have to merge these to level 5, which is the Basket. You can merge two cookie houses to make one cookie mansion. How to Get Planted Flowers & Tin Can in Merge Mansion The way you get Planted Flowers and the Tin Can in Merge Mansion has changed since the May 19th update dropped, when the devs messed with the Blossoming Bush. A bizarre thing occurs as I approach the gate of Stefanie Powers's house in Beverly Hills. You can play Merge Mansion on the Android platform by downloading the game from the Google Play Store. Very annoying. Once this is unlocked, you can access the events at the gate in the garage. After that, you need to merge 2 Bush Seeds to get Seedling. Continue merging Spring Scissors to form Spring Shears, followed by Spring Rope, and finally all the way to Spring Spray. Facts on Free Genery in Merge Mansion The Maximum Energy one can have through Energy Recovery is 100. Cookie Mansion. There is a chance that these things can provide you with a cobwebbed Detergent. Talk: Lovely Cookies. You must be Level 12 or higher to access it. Do not tap the Level 2 Piggy, but just merge them into Level 3 for maximum reward. Players must help Maddie clear up this ruined mansion and garden, starting with the driveway. To clear up properly, Maddie needs tools, and she will find these in the garage by merging items of the same type. By getting them to level three, you'll get the most amount of Coins and Gems possible.

Keep in mind that, when you get Level 1 of Hopeberry Jam from the Hopeberry Basket in Merge Mansion, the Basket will revert to Level 4, the Goblet. Collect your items from the Level 1 Piggy Banks, then leave them until day four. Cookie Mansions function the same as two Cookie Houses, generating Star Jellies at double the pace and holding twice as many. All you need to do is level up two cookie houses to at least level 5 then tap and hold on one of the cookie houses and then drop it over the other one. With her nanny dropping clues regarding the dilapidated estate hidden in the back of her garden, Maddie is eager to get to work and expose the truth about her ancestors. Level up Garden Statue to Level 6 Once tapped, a Level 6 Garden Statue will drop Small Tin Cans Merge Small Tin Cans to get Tin Cans in Merge Mansion A Tin Can in Merge Mansion (via Metacore Games) It may be a little confusing at first, but it is still quite easy to obtain Tin Cans in Merge Mansion. You will need a total of 6645 4th of July Points (JP). Or, rather, the starting stages of this item, such as Planted Flower Seeds. You can level this item up to level 9, and you can then place those in the Maze later on. So, thats how you get the Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion, but what about the Tin Can? In Merge Mansion, you get to play as Maddie, a young woman visiting her grandmother who is tasked with uncovering her familys mysterious past by restoring an old mansion.

Is there any way to get coal quicker?

You are able to activate and deactivate them at will, either by clicking on the decoration or by clicking on the new button next to the task button. They are not said by who normally says them.. These are actually called Shrapnel in the game, and there are two ways to obtain them. To create a Planted Bush, you must have several Bush Seeds. When items are merged, they create the next level of that kind. Game Play Tips The oven needs to be fueled to drop items. Thanks to the clever ad campaign and engaging storyline, Merge Mansion continues to surprise and entertain.

These are the usual burger ingredients and condiments such as ketchup. The first thing you need to do is reach level 5 in the game. There is a task in this level that unlocks the event board, allowing you to play the seasonal events added to the game. Then you merge 2 Seedlings and get Small Bush. This grants you both Shrapnel and the Ship. Once your houses are at level 5 or higher a short story between Beet Cookie, Carrot Cookie and Fig Cookie will trigger, after which the Sugar Gnomes will explain you can now combine two houses of the same level to form a Cookie Mansions. It is the last task of The Grand Drive. Or, to be more precise, theyve added the Planted Flowers, while pretty much phasing out the Tin Can.

To receive rewards, players will need to receive certain event items, such as Burgers and Hot Dogs. After reaching this level, you will have a blue chest in your garage, which is the key to This will tell you what you need to combine the hamburger bun with.

You can get these Seeds with a certain chance from Brown Chests, and buy them in the Shop. Please look at the Piggy Bank page for a more thorough explanation. Theyre not always in the store, so its not the most reliable of Paint Can sources. Now you can start getting the Planted Flowers. They need to be made with two Cookie Houses of the same level and of at least level 5. Cookie mansions can hold double the amount of Star Jellies as a Cookie House of the same level. The Merge Mansion Spring Bouquet is one of many, many items that you can get in the 2022 Spring Holiday event. Things Are Colour-Coded The chain goes like this: Trio > Bunch > Platter > Goblet > Basket. However, years of neglect have made the place fall into disrepair, and all its spaces are ruined and filled with clutter and debris. Then merge two Seedlings, and you will get Small Bush. Similarly for the Brown Chests and Blue Chests. The Spring Tool Box will drop the Spring Scissors. To get this item, you need to complete the Ignatius Boulton event.

The first one is to purchase them from the in-game shop for coins. To start the 4th of July event in Merge Mansion, you first have to be level 12. This page contains general tips for Merge Mansion. View this page for items and events with specific tips. We recommend always merging the daily free Piggy Banks to Level 3 every 4 days. You'll get more Coins and Gems than opening the Piggy Banks daily. You can get 14 items from the level 1 piggy banks, before merging them. Talk: Lovely Cookies. Statistics Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. You need to tap on the Food Bag to get the following ingredients: Pickle. To get the Mosaic in Merge Mansion, you first need to know how to make the Mosaic Tiles. In contrast with other match-3 or merge games, where the gameplay takes place in a variety of levels, Merge Mansion follows a single storyline with our heroine working to explore the estate.

You just need to open the Shop menu and find this item there. There are several ways to get a Paint Can in Merge Mansion. It gives 4 lovely Cookies Level 1 This Item is not sellable. Finally, merge 2 Bushes level 2, and you will get Blossoming Bush. However, this event is available only for three days. Thats where this guide comes in. As she completes each area, another unlocks. Making a cookie mansion is quite easy. How to Get Mosaic in Merge Mansion. Both of my tasks now involve higher level cookies so i've not been able to fulfil any tasks for days. How To Start The Merge Mansion July 4th Event To get going in the Merge Mansion July 4th event, you will need to be at least level 12.